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Seamless connectivity, unbeatable reliability – that's the redTelo promise.

Why redTelo?

Enterprise-Grade Equipment

Experience the epitome of speed and stability. We're not just another ISP; we're a revolution in telecommunications.

Speed You Can Rely On

Dive into the digital age with speeds measured in megabytes per second. Download, stream, and surf like never before.

Growing Stronger Everyday

Our journey began in September 2022. Thanks to our impeccable reliability, we've seen steady growth, establishing ourselves as the frontrunners of the fiber revolution in Intibucá.

Services We Offer

HD Digital TV (IPTV)

Elevate your viewing experience. Crystal clear visuals and unparalleled digital quality. Entertainment, redefined.

Beyond Ordinary Residential Internet

Introducing FTTH (Fiber To The Home). Because we believe every home deserves the best.

Business-First Approach

With FTTB (Fiber To The Business), ensure your business stays connected and competitive. Experience speed, reliability, and a promise of excellence.

Dark Fiber & MPLS

Explore the future with our specialized services. Catering to the niche, ensuring everyone's connected.

Exclusive Offers

Free Installation

Making transitions smoother. Enjoy free installation for up to 100 meters (last mile).

Family Bundle

Dive into the digital realm with our curated bundle. Perfect for everyone, from casual browsers to digital natives.

What makes us different?

While competitors rely on outdated Coaxial, we stand firm with our advanced fiber technology. Result? The Most Reliable Service in the Area. With RedTelo, expect nothing less than uninterrupted, high-quality service.

The Growth Journey

Step by step, we're bringing unparalleled connectivity to Intibucá and the surrounding areas.

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